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newton public affairs

Building winning coalitions, expertly navigating the ever-changing media landscape, creating the right tools to tell your story.


about us

Newton Public Affairs is a California-based public affairs and communications firm. We specialize in coalition building, messaging, media relations, and content development for issue-based advocacy campaigns, political campaigns, and public education programs.


What We Do

Communications Strategy


Making the Right Moves

Knowing your audience, and knowing how, when, and where to reach them is critical to any political or business strategy. Newton Public Affairs develops smart, customized strategies and communications plans to meet your objectives. We take a 360-degree approach to every project and campaign.

Media Relations

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Full Service Media Relations

We keep up with the evolving media landscape so you don't have to. Earned media is still a powerful tool for influencing public opinion and distributing your message. We can secure the media coverage you need and get the right eyes on it by leveraging content through social and owned media channels. And if your challenge is managing a tough story, Newton Public Affairs can navigate those choppy waters for you with the right strategy.

Coalition Building

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We Gather Your Flock

If your goal is to build a project, pass legislation, or sway voters on an issue or statewide ballot measure, then you need a coalition behind you. A coalition of diverse leaders and organizations brings credible third-party voices to the surface, expands the reach of your campaign, and can lead you to a win. We gather your flock. We create outreach strategies, and deliver results by attracting and mobilizing the supporters you need.

Branding & Content

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Creating the Right Tools

You need your message to stand out. Newton Public Affairs and our design partners create compelling print and digital materials - brochures, infographics, web sites, videos, fact sheets, social media content, and more. We ensure that all messaging and tone is on brand with your campaign, and is both effective and unique to you.

No client is the same. We customize a plan and services based on your objectives, timeline, and resources. For more information, please call Ann Newton at (310) 774-7639, or fill out the contact form below.


Connect With Us

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Ann Newton
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